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The World Below The Brine

We are thrilled to announce an exciting public art project coming to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront! Our team of dreamers connected with WPA of Norfolk and Rhiza A+D of Portland Oregon to submit the winning proposal for a temporary installation near the new Pepe Gaka mural at Rudee Loop. 

Drawing inspiration from the vivid Walt Whitman poem of the same name, “World Below the Brine” will simulate the ever-changing landscape above and below the water’s surface. A canopy that captures wind and sunlight will translate both into a captivating "play of light through the water." A tall framework anchored by concrete benches will support a grid of 200 paddles with cast glass counterweights that undulate with the ocean breeze.

During the day, visitors will walk below the piece and be covered in moving diffused light and shadow. At night it will be illuminated with LED lighting that will respond to the movements of visitors, creating the visual of a floating anemone visible to passers-by from Atlantic Avenue and the nearby Rudee Inlet Bridge.

This project is made all the more special by the fact that AP Art students from City of Virginia Beach Public Schools will lend a hand in the construction of the piece. Our Cake Team members will lend a variety of skills to the operation. Thom White of WPA will lead the design and build team. Cristina Fletcher of Visionscapes Land Design will head up the sitework, focusing on landscaping and foundation. Jeremiah Sheffield of Vaughn Enterprise Corp will contribute electrical and sculptural installation expertise. Jen Detlefsen will fabricate the cast glass counterweights at the Chrysler Museum of Art's Perry Glass Studio, and Beau Turner of the 757 Makerspace will program interactivity into the piece while also providing us with facility support at the Dream Factory community building space. "The Brine" is scheduled to be completed soon. Check back and follow our Instagram for updates as fabrication begins!