MEGA CAKE is an interactive art space and meeting place which draws on iconic symbols of time to celebrate the common experience of our birthdays. Imagine 70,000 people playing together all week on a giant cake and then singing "Happy Birthday" in unison as we watch it burn to the ground!

MEGA CAKE plays with scales of interactivity that directly address the mission- to examine and celebrate the significance of our births. On a city-wide scale, it stands as a beacon to our common experience. Group birthday parties, gift making, and "blowing out candles" (with electronics!) will bind participants together. On a personal scale, one will encounter a physical calendar that will serve as a place to record birth dates and messages, and to exchange gifts. Interior stairs provide access to elevated decks where participants can take in a "365°" view. Slides provide quick travel to the playa and act as a playful symbol of one's birth anew. On a universal scale, the cake serves as a marker in time- a point to deliberately consider the significance of each being and celebrate a deeper understanding of self and community. It will be a marker for moving forward from the events in life that brought us to Black Rock City and to consider how to bring lessons of Burning Man to heart and to home.

MEGA CAKE is being built at Norfolk's own 757 Makerspace. We welcome anyone interested in our project, Burning Man, or learning more about the 10 principles to come by and see what we're all about. Please donate if you can to help us make this sweet dream a reality. Build schedules will be posted on our events calendar and Facebook page. Don't be a stranger!